Leisure World

A large portion of Seal Beach is Leisure World. Leisure World contributes almost $1M a year in taxes to the city and it deserves its fair share of services.

“Leisure World and the City have never had a better relationship”, said one of the GRF directors in December of 2019 as Tom ended being Mayor for the year.

When Tom started as a Council Member, a Leisure World committee was started that included City officials and the leadership of Leisure World. At the time, there was concern about landscaping outside Leisure World including the Seal Beach entrance sign. This was replaced and the City pushed other organizations like the Post Office and Military base to take better care of their landscaping and that happened. Traffic enforcement was discussed as well as transportation services and the program to provide grants for Leisure World residents to update their bathrooms. All of these issues are continued to be looked at closely.

As part of this committee, Leisure World was kept informed on the re-building of the Pier (finished in July 2019 ahead-of-time and on-budget), the possibility of a future Pool, and other ongoing City initiatives.

One of Tom’s first actions on City Council was to modify the shuttle program so seniors that our veterans could go to the VA Hospital in Long Beach. This was resolved and will be carried forward in any shuttle plan the City has. Currently, California Yellow Cab has replaced the Senior Shuttle services, however during COVID-19 it is safer and more flexible for Leisure World residents as you can call when they need a ride for free (if over 60 years old).

As Mayor in 2019, Tom continued to push to improve the relationship between the City and Leisure World and brought to the Council an ordinance to support the traffic enforcement by Seal Beach police in Leisure World for safety concerns that he heard from many Leisure World residents. He also made sure that golf carts would not be cited as part of this. The same traffic laws that are enforced in the rest of the City are also now enforced in Leisure World to prevent people from running stop signs or stop lights and making the streets safer.

The City recently also created a program that Tom advocated for called Senior Cityzen which is a phone number and email for Seniors living alone.

SeniorCityzen is a senior resource that was started to support and check in with seniors who are socially isolated as a result of the COVID-19 stay-at-home orders.

The resource allows Seal Beach seniors to connect with City staff (volunteers) who may schedule a call to receive regular check-ins via telephone to chat and/or to receive referrals to community resources during this difficult time.

Seniors that are interested in participating may email SeniorCityzen@sealbeachca.gov or call 562-431-2527 extension 1600. Seniors are asked to leave their name and phone number and staff will return their email/call to set up a chat and/or answer any senior resource related questions. SeniorCitizen is geared toward people 60 and above who are facing social isolation and are looking for someone to talk to, along with getting referrals to other senior-centric organizations.

How well is Leisure World represented with Council Member Thomas Moore?

The Planning Commissioner lives in Leisure World which I appointed in January. This is a very important position in helping determine future projects in Seal Beach. It is considered the most important appointment by a City Council member.

Tom supported a Leisure World resident for the position on the The Senior Citizens Advisory Council (SCAC) which advises the Orange County Board of Supervisors and the Office on Aging on matters affecting senior citizens in Orange County. The council consists of forty volunteer citizens, including local elected officials, representatives of health care and supportive service provider organizations, persons with leadership experience, and the general public. With my support, a Leisure World resident from District 2 got involved with this Committee and will represent our area of Orange County well especially with Leisure World’s experience in issues related to Seniors.

“If someone contacts me from Leisure World, it becomes my #1 priority to address their concerns. Why? Because I put myself in your shoes. I will follow up and respond with what can and cannot be done with an explanation.”

“I have enjoyed reaching out personally to Leisure World residents in District 2 during the COVID-19 crisis to make sure they have everything they need and are aware of the City services.”

“It has been an honor serving you and I would appreciate your vote this November 2020!”