Coyote Quick Tips


  • Hazing works. Haze the Coyote: Blow a whistle, yell, and honk your horn at it. Throw a rock at it if you can. According to animal control experts if a coyote is hazed twice in the same area it will not come back.
  • Report your sighting here: OR you can call Long Beach Animal Care Services at (562) 570-7387
  • Mention on Nextdoor for your area so other neighbors are aware

For details on a more specific plan that the city has go here:


  • Feed pets inside and do not leave food outside. This will attract coyotes.
  • Do not let your pets outside unattended. Coyotes cannot differentiate between a small dog or cat and a rabbit or rat.
  • Coyotes can jump up to 14 feet high. Adding a few feet to your wall/fence may not help.

Ten years ago my dog was attacked by a Coyote. This issue is very personal to me. My dog tried to fight back and I was able to scare the Coyote back over our wall in our backyard, but he ended up with a hole in his head and was never the same after that.  If we follow these quick tips, it should help prevent these attacks from happening in our neighborhoods.